why young?

Stefanie's Nightshade Army

Urban Farmer & Sociologist, Stefanie Stauffer holds up special variety of eggplant she cultivated during the 2010 growing season at the Thomason Micro-Farm in Downtown Ypsilanti.

The Michigan Young Farmer Coalition is dedicated to supporting new farmers in their thirties, forties and beyond, not just to new farmers in their twenties. We believe that emerging farmers of any age should have access to the capital, land, information and social support necessary to create farms which feed the community and provide the farmers with a sustainable income.

It is becoming more and more common for individuals to change careers throughout their lives. Many individuals want to switch from previous careers to farming. For these men, and especially for these women, the additional responsibilities that come later in life create additional barriers to becoming professional farmers. Mortgages, children, and other responsibilities that are not as likely to be felt by individuals in their twenties deter many older potential farmers from pursuing professional farming. The result is that a segment of the population is not given equal access to becoming farmers, and that society
as a whole is robbed of new farmers that it so desperately needs.

The mission of the Michigan Young Farmers’ Coalition includes removing barriers to this segment of the population.

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