Now and for generations to come, our farming community must be able to rely on supportive local and regional networks. This is especially true for addressing the needs of young farmers in Michigan. As a statewide organization we recognize the need to maintain a diversity of tools that provide the types of support our members identify as imperative.

Click below to learn more about supports Michigan Young Farmer Coalition has worked to create for young farmers in Michigan:

MYFC List – Email Discussion List:

On the MYFC List you can…

  • Get the latest job/internship posts, land/farm sales, policy updates, & event notifications
  • Post a question, job opportunity, or event information to a list of approximately 400 people!
Crop Mobs

Want to host a group of volunteers at your farm or garden? Check out our Crop Mob page to learn more about how to host and advertise a Crop Mob with MYFC!


We believe in the power of forging long-term, meaningful relationships within and between the coalition and local communities. Individual strength can be multiplied when many individuals join together. We believe this connection can only be done through consistent efforts to reach out to diverse communities, practicing open communication, and fostering collaborative relationships with other organizations that share in our endeavor.

Click the links below to learn more about other organizations we collaborate, communicate, and/or coordinate with:

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