Funding Restored For Beginning Farmer Training Programs!

From the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition:

Funding has been restored For Beginning Farmer Training Programs!

“BFRDP is the only federal program exclusively dedicated to training the next generation of farmers and ranchers.  Although the program has only been around for a few years, farming communities around the country are already seeing real impacts on the ground.  For example, since 2009, BFRDP funding has been used to:

  • Develop several organic incubator farms in California that will help generate entrepreneurial opportunities for farm workers and limited resource farmers in the Salinas Valley;
  • Support farm transition planning courses aimed at women landowners and farmers who own nearly half of the farmland in the United States today;
  • Expand a new farmer training curriculum collaborative which has now been adopted in 12 states across the country; and
  • Help establish local and regional networks of new and established farmers that provide mentoring opportunities and facilitate knowledge transfer between one generation of producers and the next.”

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