Join the NEW MYFC Steering Committee


MYFC Leadership Transition: Reviving the MYFC Steering Committee


As you may know, we began MYFC in 2009 hoping to create a coalition for young/beginning farmers, gardeners, food systems advocates, and our supporters in the state of Michigan.

We envisioned that MYFC would offer a way for our members to develop face-to-face relationships in their own regions/communities and to build a united voice for the young & beginning producers in the state to engage in and influence the issues that affect us.

Our first five years have been successful in building a large network of young & beginning farmers.

Now we need to transition to a more sustainable structure of leadership so the Michigan Young Farmer Coalition can continue to foster connections and amplify the voice of current and future generations of young & beginning farmers!


We are creating a temporary Ad Hoc Steering Committee to take on this task.

We need YOU to become part of the next group of leaders.

Please click the link below to learn more about MYFC Leadership Transition, and apply for a place on the Ad Hoc MYFC Steering Committee.

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