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Student Crop Mob in April 2011 at the OU Farm!

(here’s how to fold it)

About Crop Mobbing

Any crop mobber can call a crop mob to do the kind of work it takes a community to do. We work together, share a meal, play, talk, and make music. No money is exchanged. This is the stuff that communities are made of. –

How to Attend a Crop Mob
This is the easiest part! Sign up for the Michigan Young Farmer Coalition Email Mailing List! Hosts post mobs on our listserve regularly!

Mob Host Checklist

  1. Define your needs: Specific projects that have a start and finish during one day work well. But you can call a crop mob for anything! Even if the mob helps you get

Crafting the Crop Mob Email
The crop mob email needs to have some basic information so people can decide to attend and come prepared for your particular site. See below for an email template.

We’re having a crop mob!

Introduction paragraph goes here. Describe yourself, your farm/garden site. Toss in a web address if you have one so people can find out more about you. Briefly describe the need for the crop mob.

WHEN:  Sunday, June 27th @ 5 PM until whenever

WHERE:  2707 Tessmer in Ann Arbor, just off Scio Church Road. Include a link to the google map in this line.

WHAT:  Drip Tape Crop Mob.  MYFC resident drip tape guru Mike Formisano will be sharing skills!

WHY:  why not!

FOOD? Yep! Food will be provided by Kate!

WHAT ELSE?  bring gloves if you’d like.  be sure to bring your own water bottle, too!  parking is limited, so be mindful! Make sure you mention bathroom facilities, and any other things people should know about your site, what they might encounter, or other information.

Insights from Seasoned Mobbers

Be sure you provide good direction from the person “in charge.” This person should be designated from the start and all questions from mobbers should be directed to that person, whose role is more management of the volunteers than labor during the event.

Lots of mosquitoes at nighttime mobs! Remind people to bring insect repellent!

Cleaning up is important. Be sure to plan this in the time frame for the mob!

Great conversation.  Met new people.  Did a lot of verbal consulting and plant identification.

We shared lots of stories and discussed the future, regular get-togethers for the county network.

The spring crop mob really helped us get things going early on! We had a head start on our potatoes that we didn’t have last year!

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