young farmer focus group

Young Farmer Apprenticeship/Internship Focus Group:Developing Guidelines for Best Practices

Project Coordinators:
Kate Long
Evan Dayringer
Angie Martin

The current project of the Young Farmer Focus Group is to engage in a collaborative discussion about the internship and apprenticeship experiences of young farmers. Facilitators will ask participants to share their experiences in these formal and information training programs from the perspective of interns/apprentices. Another phase of this project will be to gather the same information from those folks who run these internship/apprentice programs.

We will gather the results of the focus group and create a guidelines for best-practices document to share and publish on our website!

We are currently developing a kick-off session at our Michigan Young Farmer Coalition 2011 Retreat, to be followed up by subsequent activities determined by the inaugural group.

Contact us if you would like more details about this event, or if you have ideas and want to participate!

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